Curiousity is Healing

Bianca Roland, based in Oklahoma City, is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist with a distinct flair for transforming every day, partially upcycled materials into fantastical works of art. Her art journey, initiated in 2016, she grew from a healing process to a profound passion and a transformative force in her life.

Roland’s work is an immersive dialogue between reality and the extraordinary. Each piece invites audiences into vibrant and playful realms that echo the rich biodiversity of dense ecosystems. Her art embodies a unique interpretation of beauty, crafted to inspire wonder and offer a delightful escape into the surreal.

Guided by her principle of creating fun, visually arresting art from humble materials, Roland dreams of a future where her installations serve as portals to imagination around the world. Through her work, Bianca Roland exemplifies the transformative power of creativity and stands as a beacon of artistic resilience and sustainable artistry.

Bianca’s Work History

Her art is displayed in numerous exhibitions across Oklahoma City, and as part of permanent installations such as Art on Auto Alley and Factory Obscura, Roland has made a mark domestically and is collected internationally. An integral part of Art Group OKC since 2019, she assumed a leadership role as Communications Director in 2022, further cementing her commitment to fostering creative communities.

Artist Statement

My art is a creative journey into the extraordinary, a playful exploration of wonder using materials drawn from the most unlikely places. I find inspiration in the rich biodiversity of dense ecosystems like coral reefs and rainforests, emulating their color and complexity in each piece I create.

Working primarily with partially upcycled materials, I craft intuitively and swiftly. This process breathes new life into found objects, transforming them into pieces that teem with unique, organic energy. Each transformed object narrates a story of renewal, a theme that parallels my own journey from illness to creative flourishing.

Often described as “delicious,” my mixed media pieces tantalize the senses with their visual and tactile richness. This compliment captures my goal perfectly: to create works so vibrant and detailed that viewers might wish to consume them entirely.

My art celebrates the transformative power of creativity, the unexpected beauty in discarded materials, and the joy sparked by an immersive escape from the ordinary. With each piece, I aim to offer a glimpse into my Wonderland, a world where fun is the guiding principle and imagination is boundless.

“I make art that looks delicious.”

– Bianca Roland

“I love using random bits in unexpected ways.”

– Bianca Roland

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